Growing up in poverty, kids face tough challenges: hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and medical services, gang violence, social discrimination and isolation. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
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Luisa Jimena

11 years old
Waiting 53 days
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How do you end global poverty? You start with kids.

Our Mission

Globally spreading the love of God in communities by providing for the orphans, the homeless, the elderly and equipping the under educated youth with vocational and technical skills and to  share the Love of Christ by  bettering the lives of the impoverished children through fund mobilization and partnership with churches and other organizations to contribute to social transformation

Latest Causes

The Justgiving charity provides enhanced services over and above what the NHS funds.

About Heart For The Nation

Our mission extends beyond the Charity and into the communities that we serve.

A Heart for the Nation is a non profitable community based organization based in Uganda an East African country. It was founded by pastor kasujja Eddie and his wife Babirye Damali in 2018.

Pastor Kasujja has been Pastoring back to the Word Community Church, which is in Jinja 70 km away from Kampala city. He has pastored the church since 2013.

Raised as an orphan, Pastor Kasujja was touched by the state of the community in which he was serving as pastor .Therefore he decided to start church programmes to give assistance where necessary. However to effectively address these community issues, a CBO had to be created to reach the community more efficiently

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Our mission is to make them feel safe.
With you and your donations and support, we can make a better world