Become a Partner of EHFCH

Wow! Thank you for taking the initiative to bless the less privilaged children in Uganda by joining our team of partners. With just a minimum of $5, you can support EHFCH to change the lives of the less privileged in Uganda.

Pr. Kasujja Eddie Quotes:

"Love is measured
every time you heal a broken heart

Can I volunteer with EHFCH

Yes you can through our Volunteer Teams in Uganda
We often need volunteers on a short term basis to help us with various activites such as children work, teaching, painting, and games at our children centre in Uganda. if you are based outside of Uganda and interested in joining the work on such a team – you are most welcome. Your skills and talents can help EHFCH transform lives of little orphans, elderly and the youth in Uganda. Volunteering to share and support our Vision through your local communities, churches and funding organizations where ever you are.

How can I support a child?

To support a child or children, get in touch with the EHFCH administrators by email using for more details.

Fundraising for EHFCH

A total of 15,000 children die every day due to poverty and disease that can easily be prevented. With a minimum of $5 a day, a child can get a basic meal . May you support this cause by fundraising any amount of money in your communities to support the less privileged community in Uganda.

Who We Serve

EHFCH supports orphans and children living in less privilaged families. in the Eastern part of Uganda by providing them with basic needs of life such as education, food, medical care, security and shelter.

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